Still Goodbye Football for Me


It is football season again and several folks have asked me whether I am continuing my position regarding not watching NFL games live or on television.


For those interested, here is last year’s post in which I outlined my reasons:

Were I to re-write for 2015 I don’t think I would change anything except possibly to be a little harsher on the vast corporatism represented by the National Football League. Sadly, little else has changed for the good. I also might expand my tiny boycott where it would hurt the most…not simply abstaining from viewing the games but compiling a list of all the official NFL sponsors and deliberately committing to move a meaningful portion of my own purchasing to a non-sponsoring competitor. Look out Papa John’s and Dannon. You too, Nationwide and Hyundai.

Because it is still “goodbye football” for me.


2 thoughts on “Still Goodbye Football for Me

  1. OK, I’ll comment. Even golf and tennis pros are now budding billboards, as anyone can see. Your brief govreet (Anthony Burgess, you goddam spell-checker!) with Nascar should have schooled you permanently. The NFL sells the sponsored spectacle of armored titans having at each other at full speed. This used to be called a joust. Bad brains either way, but no horses, so “foot”ball.

  2. Fair point but to me football corporatism is more concerning not strictly on principle but on degree…the degree to which they define and organize social activity around their interests and their interests alone. Not that the others wouldn’t, they just don’t have the power that the NFL does to make it happen.

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